Mark PorteousMy name is Mark Porteous, author of "Maximizing Your Human Experience" and creator of the Max Your Life Personal Empowerment Program. I invite you to join me in going further down this path toward inner peace and self actualization. I originally created Max Your Life personal empowerment training to help myself to be more congruent with what I believe. Now I want to share it with you.

Max Your Life training is based on the concepts in my book, Maximizing Your Human Experience. The title of the book is from a quote by Pierre Tielhardt-Dechardin, “We are not human beings having spiritual experiences, we are spiritual beings having human experiences.” Understanding that our spirits chose to experience human life for a reason adds great value to the limited time we have here. Discovering your purpose and devoting your life to it is the most exciting adventure imaginable.

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Max Your Life
Personal Empowerment Program

Module One- The Quest for Purpose

Module One is about self discovery. We will work with fundamental concepts required to begin personal transformation. We will address two primary questions, “Who am I” and “why am I here?”

Module Two – Tools Of The Quest

Module Two is about seven powerful tools freely available to anyone to guide and assist us on the journey of life. We will identify each of these tools and how they can be implemented to improve the quality of our lives.

Module Three- Expressing the Essence of Love

Module Three is about your core principles. You will examine your values and strengthen key virtues to project and attract the goodness of love.

Module Four- Creating the Life You Desire

Module Four is about practical application. We will learn easy ways to consciously manifest all you need for a joyful life using the information we learned in the first two modules to live more fully in the now.

This Program Includes:

  • MP3 Downloads of Training Calls

    The 4 weeks of training calls are broken down into four separate modules.

  • PDF Writeable/Printable Workbook

    You will receive a workbook with clearly outlined steps, examples, and exercises to implement the things you learn in the call.

  • Facebook Support Group

    Receive support and create friendships with other members of this program in our exclusive private Facebook group.

  • Bonus #1- 'Aligning with Your Purpose' Expert Bonus Workshops (Value $127)

    You will receive the entire “Aligning with Your Purpose” Expert Workshop Series MP3 downloads and transcripts for your own personal audio library. 

  • Bonus #2- Personal Transformation Summit 2014 VIP Ticket (Value $97)

    You will receive the Personal Transformation Summit MP3 Downloads for the 2014 season. Over 20 hours of empowering life changing workshops and interviews for your personal audio library!

  • Bonus #3- Maximizing Your Human Experience E-book

    You will also receive an e-book copy of “Maximizing Your  Human Experience” which is the basis for the concepts of the training in the Max Your Life Personal Empowerment Training.

  • Bonus #4- Bring a Friend for FREE (Value $97)

    Bring a friend to share your progress and hold each other accountable for faster and longer lasting transformation.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I guarantee you will absolutely LOVE this program. If you are not completely satisfied, I will refund 100% of your money within 30 days of purchase and you can keep the bonuses at no charge. That means you get to experience the entire program with NO risk to you.

All I ask is that you put in the effort. If you show up and do the exercises and do not experience your own transformation I am happy to return your money or give you the choice of double your money off programs or services.

What they are saying......

I joined the Maximize Your Life course to learn more about living life to it’s fullest and to receive encouragement. I was hoping to gain more knowledge for myself from you being such a smart, positive light of energy.My favorite part of the course was when you explained how we have to learn to handle stress that comes to us or it can give us health problems and I could really relate to that from health issues of my own at time when I was very stressed out. By eliminating or reducing these stressors life can be easier and more fun. I enjoyed how we all shared what helps us individually to reduce stress. I also enjoyed the exercises for us to practice meditation and to be more in touch with ourselves.

I really enjoyed it all and learned alot!

What I gained most from the course was the reminder that no matter how busy life gets to make time for myself with meditation, God’s word, & exercise, so I am able to stay balanced to be at my best self. Since the course I have been consistent with working out and joined a gym also spending more time with God and meditating and my stress level has been a lot lower and I feel amazing! I didn’t realize my self awareness needed a makeover! Thanks Mark for letting me be a part of your journey!


Crystalynn Doss, Orlando, FL

I felt there was still something more I needed to learn. When I saw that you were offering a course, I felt this was a sign. An opportunity to expand and learn and a chance to increase my own awareness. I learned a great deal about myself. I learned how to see my self not by looking in the mirror but how others would see me. They would see something I would not. I also was able to see great potential and a broad array of opportunities there are just waiting for me to take on, but only if I was willing to allow them to be.

I really enjoyed every part of the course. I found broader range and openness of enlightenment. I am more in tuned and aligned with my inner Goddess (being). I am and have learned to use the tools that I am so blessed with to work within the universal connection to manifest what I choose to want and block what I do not want. I have learned to “ask and you shall receive!

Brenda Littleton, Florida

Mark is an inspirational coach who facilitates personal transformation by example. His gift displays itself in his openness and transparency about his own journey and the insights his growing awareness has given him. He lets you imagine more for yourself. Mark is also a thoughtful and empathetic leader who creates opportunities for other holistic coaches and healers to share their insight with broader audiences.

Mark is compassionate, kind, focused and principled and an important part of my network. Get to know him.

John Hertel, JSH Coaching

A Maximized Life means something different to everyone

We are all motivated differently. You might desire a sense of accomplishment. Maybe you are just naturally driven to achieve. Perhaps you are tired of being stuck in your current situation. To improve, you need an impetus for change.

What is your motivation? 

Success, in any aspect of life, is not an accident, it takes a plan and action.

 I can help with the plan.

Are you ready to take action?


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